Rapid integration, simplified

A Hybrid Middleware Platform to simplify enterprise integration

SpiderCraft is a hybrid platform that has capabilities of an integration middleware, micro services implementation architecture and a secure API gateway. The configuration of the platform using graphical widgets and controls using a user interaction layer called as the "Playground" provides an intuitive interface to make integrations fast and simple. SpiderCraft can also be used as a micro service implementation architecture to create services and proxies rapidly through visual manipulation of controls. The micro services can be deployed on industry standard containerisation infrastructure to achieve performance excellence. The micro-services can be consumed internally - in the trusted domains - or securely exposed to extarnal consumers as API end-points. Further, it can be used as middleware to integrate several systems together. Convenience, configurability, speed in implementation and intuitive user interfaces are at the foundations of the SpiderCraft design initiatives.


A simplified visual experience

SpiderCraft is augmented with a visual configuration environment called as the Playground. The Playground encompasses visual interaction related to the management of projects, services, web hooks, deployment, configuration and security. The ability to manage the full life-cycle of micro-services - cradle to grave - is a unique capability of the SpideCraft middleware.

Connecting heterogeneous Publishers and Consumers

An enterprise would always maintain a myriad of legacy and new service endpoints which are required for building new solutions. Most of the services would be exposed through heterogeneous interfaces such as Restful, SOAP, ISO 8583, etc. SpiderCraft provides visually configurable "Web Hooks" to facilitate any-to-any interface integrations.

SpiderCraft building blocks

The SpiderCraft platform is built with three primary components: The Playground for visual configuration, Spider Engineer for integration, micro-services & orchestration and the API gateway for secure exposure of services to external consumers.

Create rapid orchestrations across heterogeneous services

SpiderCraft can also be used as an orchestration middleware to logically bind several existing services to build new consolidated services which can be new micro services or simple pass-through proxies to broken information between external APIs and internal service logic. Popular integration partners such as Splitter, Gather, Content-based Router, etc. are supported through Spider Playground visual components.

Microservice creation environment augmented with visual building blocks

Micro services can be created/coded by visual manipulation of service building blocks such as business logic (sequence, selection/conditions and iterations), persistence (Databases), in-memory caching and inter-process messaging. The services can be labelled with one or many projects and shared securely within a trusted community.

API Gateway to securely expose services

The functionality of Spider Middleware would not be complete without an API gateway that can securely expose internal APIs for external use. Under the hood, Spider uses an industry standard API gateway to manage APIs exposures, register consumers and issue credentials for restricted scope of use.

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