ideas for smarter communities

The name Ideahub is quite self-explanatory; we are a centre/hub for realizing ideas. What sets us apart is our passion and dedication for generating innovative ideas and building products that will enhance society’s quality of life. Based on the simple premise of using technology in innovative ways to help make life better for society, we don’t work towards creating average products. We work with small but highly focused and passionate teams who implement innovative ideas by using new and existing technology. Most importantly, we want our solutions to give back to the communities and to help them grow. Simply put, we believe in creating ideas for smarter communities.

Our vision

"Innovating Solutions that would Enrich and Empower Human Communities"

Our mission

"To continuously push the boundaries of generating creative solutions which address the various concerns of human communities by using the latest technologies, while maintaining integrity & quality."



Symphony is an eco-system that connects customers, merchants and payment providers. It enables customers to create wallets within their bank accounts, connect with merchant products & services and pay for them with their virtual wallets. The symphony host can earn transaction commissions though each and every purchase!


Nosing around for a great way to keep track of your loved ones? Well Take a sniff of this! The first of its kind, Snifee provides a comprehensive solution to keeping tabs on the people and items you care about without stressing out! Find out how we are different from your run-of-the-mill tracking apps!


MenuTab is a comprehensive guest-ordering system where customers can browse through items in a restaurant’s menu and make their own orders via an application/portal. This product ensures a smooth flow in any type of meal ordering situation by providing a configurable workflow and a user-friendly interface.


GLOO-ON combines the domains of Social Networking, Location-Based Services and Travel into an amalgamated experience. Imagine an all-in-one app that creates relationships among Friends, Places and Products in relation to geography without compromising the user’s privacy. A great tool for business owners who are interested in advertising their products and services to the users of GLOO-ON

Our Team